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Localizing the Internet

    The idea is to make the World Wide Web work on a more local level.

    While searching the Internet for any item, announcement or just local information, you are confronted with just that, "The World Wide Web". Although Morongo Basin "Stuff" is available, it is scattered over the web on a wide range of sites. Even modern search engines have a difficult time finding local information. The more specific to the Morongo Basin it is the search engines become more dependant on the ability of the site to post and seed the information.
    We have created a site that covers the widest range of local, Morongo Basin, information assembled in one place on the web. Search engines will still be seeded with the information we present, and a world wide audience will still be able and prompted to access our community. Locals, on the other hand, will be able to forgo the rigorous task of multiple searches just to help Mrs. Jones find the local shoe store.
    In addition we will make it possible for local Merchants, Business People, Workers and Hobbyists to display their wares to the entire Morongo Basin from one, easy to navigate site.


    Most people that find just what they're looking for on the Internet experience the same results. The item is perfect or the service is highly recommended, the price is right, so you click the "Contact Link". You are now doing business with someone in Cincinnati, Ohio or somewhere else!
    The first thing that happens is a slight loss of confidence. Then credit card charges and security issues, shipping charges, handling fees, days or even weeks of waiting only to find it wasn't quite what you had expected and then the hassle of return shipping and reimbursement.

  • Shop Locally
        Support your friends & neighbors.

  • No Shipping Charges
        It's Local... no need to ship

  • No Waiting
        It's close... just drive over and pick it up.

  • No Disappointment
        If you don't like it... don't take it.

  • Confidence
        Read local reviews & comments.

Unsurpassed Variety

Everything and anything that concerns the basin
and it's many varied communities.

   garage sales, lost pets, Free ads, Special events, real estate, rentals, Auto Repair, retail, Wholsale, Businesses for sale, and the list goes on & on.

 New headings will be continuously added. If you have business or service but don't find a heading that matches, just send an e-mail and we will ad one, just for you.

So Click Here

    and let the ad begin...........





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